What to do in the event of an insurance claim
When faced with a loss, you want action.  Huntington T. Block’s Claims Department provides information, guidance and understanding while handling your claim as expeditiously as possible.

  • If the item is owned by another party, advise the owner of the loss.
  • Report the incident to HTB's Claims Department (see below).
  • Report stolen items to the police immediately.  Continue to search for lost or missing items.
  • If damaged while in transit, save all transit documentation and packing as evidence.  Notify the shipper of the damage and follow-up with a letter putting them on notice of loss.
  • Collect and save all damaged pieces.
  • Determine the cause of loss and whether another party is responsible for the damage.
  • Determine the value and, if possible, ascertain whether it can be restored or not.
How to Report a Claim Fax:        847-953-0353
Mail:      Huntinton T. Block Insurance
               2001 K Street, NW
               Suite 625 North
               Washington, DC 20006